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Clarins Gorgeous Getaways Kit

Clarins Gorgeous Getaways Kit-buy <?php echo $drugname ?> duty free online

Category: Full body care
Kit includes: Beauty Flash Balm (50ml); Cleansing Gel (100ml); Body Lotion (75ml); Foot Cream (30ml); HydraQuench Cream (15ml)
How to use: Beauty Flash Balm - Apply to lips as needed. Hand and Nail Cream - Rub with hands until fully absorbed. Cleansing Gel - Use as facial cleansing routine every morning and evening. Body Lotion - Apply to body until fully absorbed. Foot Cream - Massage onto clean feet until fully absorbed. HydraQuench Cream - Apply to a clean face until fully absorbed.
Volume: 50ml + 100ml + 75ml +100ml + 30ml + 15ml


Clarins Gorgeous Getaways Kit

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