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AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Kit

AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Kit-buy <?php echo $drugname ?> duty free online

Mineral Body Lotion is rich in moisturizing Dead Sea minerals and soothing aloe vera. Pampers your skin with refreshing, revitalizing effect. Mineral Hand Cream has a light texture that is absorbed quickly to moisturize the hands and restore the skin's natural moisture levels. Essential Day Moisturizer provides your face with lasting hydration and protects against environmental damage. All in One Toning Cleanser is a 3-in-1 Performance: Cleanser, Eye Makeup Remover and Toner for soft and effective cleansing. Purifying Mud Mask deeply cleanses and purifies the skin. It drains impurities from within, leaving the skin clarified and exceptionally smooth.

Category: Body care
Kit includes: Mineral Body Lotion (100ml); Mineral Hand Cream (100ml); Essential Day Moisturizer (50ml); All in One Toning Cleanser (30ml); Purifying Mud Mask (25ml)
How to use: Body Lotion - Apply generously to clean skin after bath or shower. Hand Cream - Apply as often as needed throughout the day, especially after washing hands. Day Moisturizer - After cleansing, apply a dime-sized amount evenly all over face and throat. All in One Cleanser - Apply a quarter-size amount to a cotton pad and gently wipe over face and eyes. Rinse or tissue off. Use daily. Mud Mask - Apply a thick layer evenly to clean skin, avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave on for 2 minutes and rinse off thoroughly with warm water. Use twice a week.
Volume: 100ml + 100ml + 50ml + 30ml + 25ml


AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Kit

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